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The Original Twisted Spinster

Jul. 27th, 2009 01:06 pm bats

We have a bat in the house....again.

This one is bigger than last week's so it's not the same bat... I couldn't catch it. No clue where it is hiding right now. To many partialy exposed ceilings etc. Could be anywhere.

Today's adventures.....

So, a Pagan, Skinhead and 2 Samali's get into a ford focus........

Seriously not the start of a joke.  I took a carpool to a job fair and the skin head wouldnt shut his mouth about "illegals, his asian landlord and the hispanics" that live downstairs. My gawd i felt so bad for the ladies in the back seat. I so wanted to dump him on the freeway. He actually made the headlines in the local paper today for protesting this weekend. Needless to say he is not welcome in my carpool again! At least one of the ladies giggled when i whispered to them we needed to get back to the classroom to get rid of the biggot.

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Jul. 25th, 2009 10:34 am Freshman College Student- supply needs

I am trying to figure out what I need for school. Any suggestions would be helpfull!

RequiredCollapse )

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Jul. 24th, 2009 08:19 pm back on line

WHEEEEEEE!  We have internet again, got the sprint broadband USB. COOL

I start school August 24th  going for my Associates in Science.  I will be a Pharmacy Tech could bring us back to the cities, they need them there. I am not going for the PT certificate because I don't want to be stuck at Walgreens or Walmarts pharmacy. I am headed for a lab or hospital. Better pay and I can use the AS as a stepping stone for other things as well.

Wookie is working hard at a chump job for chump pay. Administrative jobs down here are plentiful and I can certainly do the work, but if you don't speak spanish... forget it.

Mudpuppy is doing well and will start 1st grade this fall. He had a run in with a rooster today that freaked him out. I got tagged by the bird 4 times before I could run him off. Thankfully Mead was there to tend to Mudpuppy while I went toe to beak with the rooster! So glad I was wearing jeans.  Just bruised by the bastard! Mudpuppy says we need to eat him now. The nasty tom turkey out here we had named "Stew", he now resides in the freezer. We have turkey chicks out here so Thanksgiving and Yule are taken care of.

Dad is doing really well, he got the clean bill of health from the Doc. Had a scare this spring with him. Ended up being severely anemic, it was NOT his Leukemia. Too many operations last fall.  2 new knees and 3 for his cataracts. It was to much for his body.

Had another scare a week ago with my nephew. His left wrist had been bugging him and was swollen for many months. He likes to punch walls when angry. A melanoma had developed and he had degeneration at then end of his wrist bone and forearm. He had surgery last week and is recovering. The tumor was benign.

My bestest GF back in the cities will have a hysterectomy at the end of the month... tumors.  Another scary, but she has a fab attitude which is making me feel better.

Panther (rob).... Damn... did not recognize him last week. I had not seen him since March. He lost 130 lbs and looks wonderful! I always thought he was handsome.... now he is becoming a hottie!

Very busy spinning wheels a lot. Tending chickens and turkeys, helping with the horses and gardens. Seems like there is not enough time to keep house. I am on the run every morning till noon 5 days a week.

I have had PT 2 times a week for 8 weeks now. It is NOT helping my vertigo or neck. In fact it is making my arm worse. Doc today said I could quit for now (traction at 22 lbs for 15 mn twice a week). She will do an MRI next week and we will go from there. I told her surgery is an option. I can not continue to live with vertigo and the arm and neck pain. To risky driving and I do not need it to interfere with my schooling. She is also going to give me a Doc's note for my dog "Charlie" as a therapy dog for anxiety/panic "issues". This helps being a renter. I can't bear not having him around and the idea or putting him back in a pound.

We did gain a kitten recently. He is very naughty. He and Charlie play constantly. We named him "Spam". So ahh now when we get pounced....which is often...we get "spammed".

Mimi is doing well she dumped the BF and moved out. Poor girl gained nearly 70lbs the last year.. she was so unhappy. She has lost 30lbs already in just 6 weeks of unloading the verbally abusive BF.

My oldest, Josh, is working two jobs right now. He was unable to go back to school this fall due to funding and unemployment.

Life goes on, so shall we all....

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Jun. 23rd, 2009 08:48 am just stuff

An update

3 kittens very cute nearly 7 weeks old now we are keeping one

Wookie is working nearly everyday for peanuts  3rd shift work ,he hates it but is trying to get money in

Chev tahoe power steering is still out dont know when we can repair. need to get tabs on the focus this month.

no camping in the plans right now until labor day weekend, zumbro bend/mantorville, and of course big muddy in october. Probably day trip Big Island since it's only 15 miles away

Yep we watch the torndados form before they moved into Austin the other night. Increadible. It was the mother letting us all know that we are just peons on this planet. Largest wall cloud i have ever seen in this state. MASSIVE, scary, brilliant!

4 new chick shatched got 5 more coming. the turkeys are laying again. The tom has been named Stew" he attacks everything.

Dad is doing well and back on his feet. Sis is loosing her house now and will be moving in July.

Mimi dumped her verbaly and mentaly abusing boyfriends THANK THE GODS! She is doing better more active and loosing weight.

Mead got laid off from his job at the marina hope to see him next week and over the 4th.

Wookies folks are well as are his siblings.

Mudpuppy was enjoying his slip and slide yesterday. growing quickly, very bossy, loud and still sings alot and draws tons of pictures everyday. He loves the critters out here. Missing both front teeth now. he is getting so big!!!!!!!!!

School for me starts Aug 24. I have just started PT on my neck, tractions session on thursday. No real huge episodes of vertigo lately but my right arm is mostly useless, not responding to reflex tests and not very mobil. I want tihs whole neck thing settled before school starts. We have harvested many herbs from the garden, bok choy, lots of lettus and broccoli so far. The veg garden is growing well and the design is awesome!

thats about it for now.. Again it could be a while before i post again, internet abilities are limited.

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May. 12th, 2009 04:26 pm

I get to go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( more later, like maybe next week when i have a chance. Busy week!)

Grats to Sleddogpirate wife!!  Graduation and a month full of CAKE!


J3 where is that baby? I have 1.5 chicks at this moment. ( on is hatching)  No kittens yet, but soon!

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Mar. 20th, 2009 11:21 am Happy spring!

Well the chickens are laying tons of eggs. The Kenny cabin is looking great J3! We are still not unpacked. Tensions are high. We are both applying where we can. Mead is in town till tomorrow. Mud puppy loves school and playing in the muck and mud around here. Things are tense, then get silly .....back and forth. Dad is hiding something from me. His Chemo started again, he was given a clean bill of health 4 weeks ago. Doc said his Leukemia was under control, but Doc saw him Monday and said "Uh Oh!" and started Chemo yesterday, he is getting a C. A. T, scan today. Since when is a scan used for a blood disorder Dad! It is exactly a year to the date the last time my mom was out and about before she took to her bed and never got out. Hard way to head into an interview, but they do want me to come back next week for another interview. Mudpuppy turns 6 Sunday! Tonight we see Dad.

Bye for now.  Internet is hit or miss to find me!

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Feb. 21st, 2009 06:58 am The Move

Huge truck in my yard, it's still snowing. Mass confusion. Un-organized. Have a ham and brownies done to feed the muscles. in less than 24hours i will only have dial up. I started my day at 6 am and got all my puter updates while i still have DSL. no phone come tonight. If you know Stacey the goat lady that will be our phone number. If you know someone who knows her you can get the number. J3stitches has it. May still be on an old Clann Tartan roster Fortunately there is no school on Monday in Austin so that should give me a bit more time to get Mudpuppy ready for his new school. All the kids at his old school wrote him cards. Had a teacher conference yesterday. Mudpuppy is right in line where he needs to be as far as academics and social skills. He is very sad about leaving his teacher and his school. He has been carrying around the valentine he got from his teacher this whole last week. Found it in our bed 2 days ago.  I hope he warms up to his new teacher as much as he did with her. Hopefully by the end of March there will be someone with a job in our house. We decided any job will do for now something is better than nothing. Then we can just sort through jobs up in the cities. The goal is still to move to the metro. But for now we will have a roof over our head. Blessings to the Goat Lady for letting us stay in her house. Send some prayers to her! She has a huge, loving, generous heart.

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Feb. 18th, 2009 03:17 pm

I wont have internet come this sat. We are moving this weekend i guess instead of next. It all had to do with the availability of a truck. You can get ahold of us through Stacey the goat lady. She knows where we are. If anyone would like to help PLEASE DO and bring a cooler so i have something to transport my food in!  M&D email me i have like 5 email addresses for you and i dont know which one to use!

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Feb. 15th, 2009 11:49 am A good karma quest for everyone

Ok job market sucks. We all know that. Employers are downsizing UGH! Down here in this town an ad ran for a job opening. 2000 applications!!!!!!! OMG unreal!  Ever think about  the people you see everyday providing you a service.? How secure is their job? A way to keep them from competing for a job you may want, i have an idea. I think everyone who reads this should at least do this just once.

Be it grocery store, teacher, bus driver, the chick at at the coffee shop who makes your latte everyday. What ever. Some person you see often, that provides a service for you. If you think they do a good job send a letter of recommendation to their employer about how you appreciate that particular employee! This may help them keep their job in this tough time and will make sure you wont be competing against them for a job in the future.

I have 4 i am going to do. My sons bus drivers. Last week i watched the buses slide through 2 stop signs by our house everyday. My sons bus driver was always very cautious, even made my son wait after the bus stopped so he could correct his tires before letting the kids board to make sure the bus couldnt slide anymore. There are two ladies at the local grocery i see every time i go in. One is always cheerful the other knows where every dang thing in that store is. My sons teacher in 100 days of school has my son reading and doing simple addition and subtraction. He loves her so much and is excited to go to school everyday. Each of these people i have encountered have been great and do their jobs well and i think their employers should know.

So take 10 mn out of your week, write a quick note about some person who provides you a service and let their boss know you appreciate the job they are doing. Commit to this! Do that by walking up to that person and asking for their full name and write it down then ask for their boss's name and tell them what you are doing. " I have always appreciated your service to me and with the current job market i thought i would write a note to your boss letting them know what a good employee i think you are."  Help these people stay employed. Maybe you can create some good karma for yourself and someone will do the same for you!

Let me hear who you wrote a letter for and why!

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Feb. 14th, 2009 08:44 am

3 days now i keep jamming up on the friends page. Anyone else having that issue or is it just the sucky charter communications we have down here? It's not happening with any other thing I am trying to do on the internet.

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