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The Original Twisted Spinster

I dye, therefore I spin

Recently left St. Paul and the suburban life for small town living in Red Wing Minnesota.It didn't work. No job's now we are off to a small farming community further south. Major changes for my family but we love being out of the metro and won't go back!

My husband Cory is a leather crafter, with a huge interest in wood working and Paintball.

I have been a stay at home mom for 20 years while running the family realestate business from home for 24 years. With side intrests of showing/training hunter jumpers and harness and gaited horses and breeding field beagles. My intrests are in history, hand spinning, costuming, Black Powder competitions and natural historical dyes. I am a Kitchen witch, maker of Ed's Green Goo and Ed' PI Terminator Salve.

Our children are 5,16,19 and 24 and I have another 4,(orphaned relatives),I raised to adulthood.

My family is currenlty involved with 2 historical groups. Twin Cities Clann Tartan and Twin Cities Muzzle Loaders and love traveling to museums, historical sites and schools doing historical educational demonstrations.

We are both looking forward to a better and healthier life for our household in a new town. We use organics as much as possible for ourselves our home and pets. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMER'S MARKET!